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red state. from maybe the reddest of all red states. this is how oklahoma voted in 2012. mitt romney swept every county. in 2008 john mccain swept every county. in 2004 george bush swept every county. oklahoma is the reddest place we've got in america. and republicans, you may have heard, like to think that they do not think much of the policy ideas of barack obama. which is why it was so interesting to hear the two states that president obama mentioned as models when he announced his state of the union plan for preschool. >> tonight i propose working with states to make high-quality preschool available to every single child in america. [ applause ] in states that make it a priority to educate our youngest children, like georgia or oklahoma, studies show students grow up more likely to read and do math at grade level, graduate high school, hold a job, form more stable families of their own. >> president obama took that proposal on the road, visiting a pre-k class, pre-kindergarten class in decatur, georgia. he played a game of i spy with the kids there and noticed the magnifying glas
of michigan and oklahoma. up to half a foot of snow fell around parts of tulsa. and in kansas. the first round of the golf championship had to be canceled because of the snow. we're going to get the very latest on the system and where it's headed in just a few minutes. >>> but we begin with new details and a dramatic turn in the oscar pistorius murder case. this morning, we're learning that the lead investigator himself will face attempted murder stemming from an incident in 2011. it comes just after a one week after his stunning arrest. all this as prosecutors paint a scene of nonstop shouting leading to a round of gunshots and said that a box of needles was found in pistorius' bedroom. and a series of police oversights and the revelations of that investigator hilton botha. >>> in the valentine's day death of his model girlfriend, prosecutors insist there will be no change to their investigation team but the defense is arguing detective botha should be dropped from that case. >>> turning back now to the weather as the midwest prepares for a major blast of winter. the leading edge of a massive
through oklahoma, into portions of kansas, and you can see that the heavy snow right now is falling across the panhandle of texas and the panhandle of oklahoma with heavier snow continuing through central kansas right now. other than that, severe storms possible through the gulf states today. severe thunderstorm watches in event and we also have blizzard warnings in effect through oklahoma and parts of texas. winter weather watches are stretching up into the chicago area, that is an area especially tomorrow, that will start to see some of the heavier snow, right now the snow is isolated to texas and oklahoma and kansas. still, 6 to 12 inches possible in kansas city, where they are still digging out from last week's storm. >> be careful on the roads. dylan, thank you. >>> we'll tell you which songs are likely to move the market on this weekend. >>> "first look" is back in three minutes. [ nyquil bottle ] hey tylenol, you know we're kinda like twins. [ tylenol bottle ] we are? yeah we both relieve coughs, sneezing, aches, fevers. and i relieve nasal congestion. overachiever. [ female announc
there is a winter weather advisory. that is around 30 degrees. this is the big one out in the panhandle of oklahoma. bruising contentions around wichita. this is hundreds of miles away. i do not think we will see any rain in washington by the rush hour. certainly by the afternoon. we could see a bit of ice in this. it will be primarily a rainstorm. abc 7 is the storm watch station. or instant updates, tune to said, we will be back in just a few minutes with a complete outlook. outrage and frustration from the men and women that endure the martyr of their daughter and granddaughter. now the mistrial against the suspect did killer. say that jason scott was responsible for the murders of dolores dewitt and anthony dewitt. we have early reaction from today's decision. >> this certainly has been a tough day for members of the m's families. we have been so long into this trial. today, a mistrial was declared. we will have to wait a bit longer in the search for justice. >> i never dreamt that this would ever happen. >> her resolve is remarkable. four years ago, her daughter and her granddaughter
texas will get the snow first and then spread to oklahoma today and oklahoma city. looks like you're going to be shoveling tomorrow morning this time. here's where the rain is locate. winter storm warnings go from amarillo out into oklahoma into the winter storm watch. that's a winter weather advisory or winter storm warning shortly. and we are watching the possibility of six inches from amarillo almost just to the north and west of oklahoma city. oklahoma city officially will probably end up with somewhere between three to five inches. that's a pretty impressive storm. of course, mentioned mardi gras down in new orleans. there were rain showers yesterday. unfortunately not the best today either. more scattered storms. you can see all the wet weather moving in in the deep south, soaked after the tornadoes. for the forecast up in the northeast, some people still don't have power. it's going to be warm, as warm as 44 in boston. chicago, not bad, still chilly at 34. again, we're nice through the rockies and the northern plains. that's a look at your national forecast, now, here's a l
. the storm being blamed for two death that is knocked out power for thousands in oklahoma and texas. it moved in as record breaking totals. 19 inches fell three inches short of the record. crews had to help dozens of drivers on the highways. 100 vehicles were hit on interstate 27 in lubbocks. >> even after the snowfall is over we could have what is defined as a ground blizzard feels like things are coming down even though the actual precipitation has ended. >> two people have died so far one in oklahoma after the roof of a house collapsed another in kansas when a driver slid off the road and his suv flipped over. heather, patti ann? >> thank you, ainsley. for the latest on where this storm is headed next let's go to maria molina. >> dangerous storm system. it has snow, blizzard conditions occurring across portions of the central plains and a warm sector with possible tornadoes. i want to start with the snow. snow is coming down across sections of oklahoma, kansas, missouri, iowa. we are talking about a foot of snow reported on the ground in some of these places and still expecting the snow to
guard? >> it's not a good reputation. it's not. >> chief officer is a decorated member of the oklahoma national guard. last year he was 1 of 2 independent investigators sent to california to investigate problems. >> reading from your report, sexual harassment and hostile work environment is common place? >> that is what we got from everybody that we talked to. that it was common place. >> we traveled to oklahoma back in october to talk about the report that he co-authored. >> chief's report states that the california air national guard and failure to investigate complaints is common. >> have you ever seen anything like you found in california? >> no. no. i never found that many people who were not getting resolution. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the organization. >> he is the man in charge of california's national guard. for 3 months general david baldwin has declined our request. after initially offering no response, earlier this month the guard did send us a statement that read in part, under the direction of general baldwin there has been an ongoing
's definitely coworkers eyes. >> finally, a radio personality from oklahoma city, oklahoma, it's jeff. >> glad to be here. >> what's your show, buddy? >> i'm part of a morning show. and i get to hang out with my good friends, talk to a lot of people, it's awesome. >> are your friends eyes glazed or donuts? >> it's funny, there are a lot of donuts, but we like to party, so it's eyes. >> everybody says coworkers eyes, for $100 with 66% of vote, it's the coworkers eyes. it was that easy. next question is worth $200. the question is, on a family road trip, which route did dads say they're more likely to take? the scenic route or the shortest route? nikki, we'll start with you this time. >> i've been on a lot of road trips with mom and dad in my day. even though as a kid i wanted to take the shortest route, mom and dad always want today take the scenic route. >> pretty scenery while dad is shouting at everyone. jeff, what about you? >> it's funny you said it. my dad, we went to florida, and he was screaming the whole time. i said, shortest route. >> just get it over with, get us there. >> i come fr
accident in oklahoma. cbs news weather consultant david bernard is following the massive weather system. >> the big winter storm across the midwest will be taking shape during the day today. look how big the winter storm warning area is. it's all of nebraska, kansas, and missouri, even portions of arkansas. we're talking about a lot of snow covering the big part of the midwest. this is welcome snow because of the severe drought that's ongoing. now, it will change all over to rain in objection today with a high of 48 but all snow in oklahoma and kansas city with temperatures staying in the mid-20s throughout the day. how much snow will fall, where we see some of these purple areas, we're talking an foot of snow by the time it's said and done friday morning. but a large area of this dark blue could see up to a foots of snow and that includes places like wichita, kansas city, and even areas west of st. louis could see some very heavy snow amounts. amounts. again, that's going to be friday morning. i'm david bernard, cbs news, miami. >>> overseas to the third day o
to be found. the european union is under fire. >> drivers in parts of oklahoma and kansas beingwarned, stay off the roads tonight. in woodward, oklahoma, roads are covered with snow and there could be 16 inches in some areas. drivers, the travel will be dangerous, at least until tomorrow morning. visibility likely to be near zero. by the way, this is the same winter storm that created blizzard-like conditions in denver on sunday, which is great if you are headed out to the back country to ski, not so great if you are driving there. >> blizzard warnings in effect for the texas panhandle, much of oklahoma and kansas. and let me take you down to amarillo. 8 to 16 inches of snow have fallen. winds up to 60 miles an hour. you can't see anything. that's why you are under a blizzard warning. >> this is going to help. they need more than this, but it's better than nothing. but as derek mentioned, authorities are saying please, stay off the roads. because you can't see anything, you become disoriented and it's going to blow around for another 18 hours or so. a live look outside. it's great. we hav
oklahoma and the texas panhandle. that powerful storm is threatening the plains states today, it's made a mess in colorado. more than nine inches of snow blanketed the denver area. 19 inches in jefferson. the heavy snow forced hundreds of flight cancellations and delays, up to four hours for those flights that were able to take off. and jim is live in denver this morning. besides you, are people going to make it to work this morning? >> reporter: i think they're going to be okay. look at interstate 25. it's open. they were out all day, getting the main arteries clear. you can see how slick this is. on-ramps, bridges, those sorts of areas. it's really rare here in denver, john, that they even plow the residential streets because usually we get this fine powdery snow. right now, they have 120 pickup trucks with snowplows on the front, trying to get residential streets cleared. usually we get the famous colorado powder here. but this snow is much different. it came down all different. it's snowy on the top. but underneath, there's a dense layer of almost frozen snow. that's the hazard when
, by the way, do not travel, comes straight from the national weather service. texas, oklahoma, kansas, all getting hammered by a storm even more punishing than the one last week. we're talking about more snow in some places that people have seen in the last 42 years. in one part of oklahoma, drivers are stranded with snow piling up to 6 feet high in some places. details now on the drivers and the storm they're stuck in from chad myers. >> if your left too late to get home from work or from wherever you're coming from, school, whatever, you very well may have had a very hard time getting home because the snow totals were coming down so fast. amarillo, in 24 hours, picked up 19 inches of snow, all the way to woodward, oklahoma. wasn't even snowing this morning. they're now 15, and it's still snowing, and it's still blowing around. some of the winds, 60 or 70 miles per hour. creating 5 and 6-foot drifts. we're hearing some of the plows are now coming off the roads again. they can't clear them. they can't do anything with it. as soon as they clear, ten minutes later, the drifts are back in aga
to ask the vice chair of the national governor'' association, at the governor of oklahoma, to come up and say a few words. we will be happy to take for questions. to [applause] >> thank you. it is a pleasure to be here today. we appreciate you joining us as we open up our session for the governors' association to get numbers for our nation. i want to thank you for your leadership of the nga and the time commitment you have put in for this bipartisan organization as we work together to address the problems facing our nation to try to find solutions so we can move this forward together. we are going to have some very productive days as we get through our schedule. we have great programs that will be held this weekend. it is a very busy weekend. we have a lot of important things to discuss. i want to talk about programs and issues we will be discussing during this meeting. economic development and our commerce committee have been in discussion about federal tax reform. if that is an issue on the hearts and minds of each of our governors, getting our economic situation back in order. the
of kansas and oklahoma. i saw 21-inch snow totals in the texas panhandle. 15 in wouldward, oklahoma. -- wouldward, oklahoma. we're seeing sprinkles and showers in north carolina just getting into southwest virginia. the problem here in the metro will be the rains. 1 to 2 inches. everybody in green the entire metro through northern fauquier county, frederick, prince george's county, anne arundel and montgomery all under a flood watch from 3:00 to midnight. again, one to two inches of rain possible by late tonight. 29 this morning in springfield. 26 in germantown. if this were only snow. 32 in annapolis. manassas this morning is 25 along with nokesville and round hill. outside all is quiet so no real weather problems except a chill this morning. got a temperature of 33 at reagan national under the clouds. feels like 28 with a northeast wind at 6 miles an hour. and that humidity is going to be rising. 75% now but rain on the way. here's the big picture of that storm which is spinning now pulling out of oklahoma into kansas and missouri and now into illinois with the heavy snow. on the
dumped some 20 inches of snow in parts of michigan and oklahoma, up a half a foot fell in tulsa and in kansas, the first round of the world golf championship had to be canceled because of the snow. we'll get the latest in a few minutes. >>> new details and a dramatic turn in the oscar pistorius murder case. this morning, we're leading that the state's lead investigator will himself face attempted murder charges stemming from an incident back in 2011. the news come as the strack star is back in court today. all this as prosecutors point to nonstop shouting before the murder. the case against the 26-year-old may be starting to unravel after a series of police oversights. pistorius is charged with premeditated murder in the valentine's day shooting death of his mod girlfriend. prosecutors insist there will be no change to their team. >>> turning back now to weather. as the midwest prepares for a major blast of winter the leading edge of a massive storm blanketed parts of the western u.s. on wednesday from arizona to colorado it's now moving east and forecasters in some states are p
the region including parts of oklahoma, arkansas, colorado and kansas. shovels are out and plows are already working, but if the forecast holds, they may not be able to keep up with the pace. some areas expect blizzard conditions and accumulations of two feet or more before it's over. so before it gets that bad, many are making sure they stock up on supplies to ride out the storm. >> i live far enough out of town that it's not convenient and we have enough roads in the country that do get rather snowbound. >> reporter: some roads and highways are already slick leading to accidents and patrol officers warn it's going to get worse. >> if you don't need to go out, we are asking people to stay off the roadways just because of the conditions that are deteriorating. >> reporter: and will be, forecasters say, for at least the next 24 hours. this is a live look at wichita, kansas, where you can see near whiteout conditions there. snow falling at more than an inch an hour. that is the same system that's going to deliver a punch here in kansas city and across the midwest. and again, before it's all sa
. right now it's heavy across the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. that's where we're going see most of the heaviest snow over the course of the day today. also up into central kansas. not just the snow. it's the heavy rain through central oklahoma and also the potential for severe storms down through the gulf coast states. there's a good likelihood we'll see about 12 or more inches of snow, perhaps up to 18 inches across portions of oklahoma, kansas city could end up with another six to 1 inches. we have snow in the pacific northwest, especially the mountain ranges. we're looking for smoed rate to heavy rain from seattle right down to portland, oregon and salem oregon as well. medford will see light rain. as far as rainfall is concerned an inch or two along the coast but the mountains could end up with another 12 or more inches of rainfall especially northwestern washington and idaho looks like we'll see six to 12 inches in the higher elevations as well. about 48 ded fallon, nevada, 53 for a high. so course the big story is another second blizzard in parts of the plains and the midw
for another foot of snow in portions of texas up into oklahoma. and you can see the winter storm watches extend all of the way up into chicago and the great lakes region. for right now, it's heavy snow falling across the panhandles of texas and oklahoma. we have some severe storms with this system. especially moving through central texas and also the gulf coast states where we could see some stronger thunderstorms as we go into this afternoon. closer look at the heavier snow, shades of blue in amarillo, that's where the heaviest of the snow is falling. they could get up to a foot of snow. some parts of oklahoma could end up with 18 inches of snow. so, it is a one-two punch, certainly for the plains and the midwest, too. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. >>> let's go to sports now. lebron and the heat, at home, against the cavaliers. second quarter, heat forced the turnover. take it the other way. mario chalmers, lebron james for the dunk. the heat take a 12-point lead over lebron's old team. in the third quarter, the heat go on a run. technical against miami coach erik spoelstra
oklahoma. eventually up to nebraska and iowa. the storm itself will impact everyone. the worst of it, right now, don't be on i-35 in kansas, the kind of snow you get where cars get stranded and stuck. we have thundersnow covering much of southern kansas. producing snow, about 2 inches an hour right now from arkansas border all of the way back over to oklahoma, to southern portions of kansas, this will be up in kansas city right during the peak of the morning rush hour. further to the south, thunderstorms will go through the dallas/ft. worth area. again, gusty winds, probably the worst of that. so, how much snow in is the bull's eye is going to be from i-35, what wichita to topeka. as far as the big cities go, the worst of it will be omaha, des moines, wichita. a minor snow event from minneapolis to chicago, milwaukee, des moines and further to the south. here's some specifics for the big cities. again, kansas city, best chance of getting up to a foot. but omaha and wichita, definitely some heavy snow to shovel. then lesser amounts, minneapolis, denver and st. louis is going to be nasty, sle
, a highway accident in oklahoma. cbs meteorologist david bernard is following the massive weather system. >> it will be taking shape during the day today. look how big the storm warning area is. it's all of nebraska, kansas, and missouri, even portions of arkansas. we're talking about a lot of snow konk the big part of the midwest. this is welcome snow because of the severe drought that's ongoing. now, it will change over to rain in oklahoma city with a high of 48 but all know? omaha and kansas with temperatures staying in the mid-20s throughout the day. how much snow will fall, where we see some of these purple areas, we're talking an foot of snow by the time it's said and done friday morning. in the blue, that includes places like wichita, kansas city, and st. louis. could see heavy snowfall amounts. again, that's going to be friday morning. i'm david bernard, cs news, miami. >>> over seas to the third day of oscar pistorius's murder. the lead investigator faces attempted murder charges himself and the prosecution admits it has no evidence challenging pistorius's story that he shot his
you about. . >> so how about a nice big fat burger, we'll tell you how lawmakers in oklahoma are being asked to allow old paint to be turned into chips and steaks on the weather front, a cold front marching in and your saturday and sunday look even colder than today. >> and wonder why your smartphone dies in the middle of angry birds? it's not only because you're bad at the game but those birds are pecking away at your battery. we're back in 60 seconds. new at 11:00, a horse is a horse of course of course but is it a main course. are they the other red meat. lawmakers in oklahoma want to pass a law that would a-allow horses to be slaughters for meat by foreign buyers. they say with such hard times, some people cannot afford to keep their animals. opponentssay that it's much more than a money issue here they're going to find any way possible to take care of their animal whether that means they reach out to rescue organizations or ask people to help. the issue is supply and demand. they're saying we have too many unwanted horses. that's not the fact. >> the bill has received
streets. the storm dumped 14 inches of snow in northern oklahoma 10 inches near kansas city an area of the nation that also had thunder and lightening where the snow was falling. all that of course poses the question, is all or any of that headed this way? a live look outside right now shows it's a mix of sun clouds and cold temperatures. what happens next and what form will it take? wjz is live with complete first warning weather coverage with marty bass in the out back and tim williams in the weather center. good afternoon. >> good afternoon . we'll set the stage for you. we have had this system moving across. it has blocked a lot of its punch as it started to move into dry air. even though you see on our radar some of it makes its way across the region, looking at marty, it's not make ing it to the -- making it to the ground. temperatures are going to go up. what we're going to have as this system makes its way down is a bit of a mix maybe some sleet, maybe some rain and it's going to move in here this afternoon. we have a winter weather advisory indicating that there's going to
springs, oklahoma. >> some people want casual weddings. this is as casual as they get. >> find out why this fast-food joint was the perfect place to say i do. >>> and a science project that ends with a bang. ao >>> at first glance you probably think you're watching a happy family maybe having a meal at a restaurant somewhere in america. but pay close attention to what's being said. this is the impromptu wedding of caleb and kelly at the taco bueno in sand springs, oklahoma. >> i'm shocked they got in. i hear that place is booked up for years. >> some people want casual weddings. this is as casual as they get. >> the minister is her mom. she's an ordained minister. this is a legal ceremony. >> taco bueno is where they first met, also the place they had their first date. >> they had chimichanga which they gave to them for free. >> at the end of the day they are married and they saved a lot of money. weddings are expensive. have the wedding at taco bueno and go on your honeymoon. >> mom is minister and stepdad is camera man. they had to get mom's permission because kelly is 16. they will
and that is a strong as a hurricane. kansas, missouri, oklahoma bracing for a foot of snow days after another storm closed airports and parts many parts to a standstill. oklahoma's governor has declared a state of an emergency. janice. >> light blizzard conditions for texas, oklahoma and take a look at the video from a storm chase they are oklahoma. this is woodward where they got 15 inches of snow, state of emergency for oklahoma and amarillo, 19 inches of snow and 75 miles per hour miles per hour winds. this continues into the overnight unfortunately so areas across the texas-oklahoma panhandle up to kansas an missouri getting the worst of it up to 12-18 inches. okay city and kansas city you could actually be on the borderline of 18 inches of snow. we have winter weather advisories posted from texas up to the great lakes. blizzard conditions which will continue into the overnight hours with winds in excess of 50 miles an hour making travel impossible in the area. some of the snowfall, 6-12 and 18 inches is out of the question. and we have tornado watches along the gulf coast with possibility thro
-frank unconstitutional? oklahoma's attorney general scott pruitt challenged part of the act saying what is supposed to protect the consumer is putting people at risk? he will join us ex-chrufsy are to tell us about the lawsuit that might affect stock. david: the tarp bailout, is it a success story or not? some people say they paid back all their money with interest. we have somebody on who says tarp is losing money and it probably we'll never get it back. if you're looking for a case model, this is a negative example, not a positive one. stay tuned for him coming up. ♪ . this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention
of texas and oklahoma buried under more than a foot of snow. roads are impassable, drivers are stranded. this picture was sent to us from a reporter philip prince. a trucker stuck on interstate 40 about 50 miles east of amarillo. look at the conditions there. he says the highway has been shut down. he has been stuck for about eight hours when he finally took that picture. two people have been killed, one on an icy road in kansas, another at a home in oklahoma where the roof collapsed under the weight of all that snow. at this hour, winter storm warnings are in effect as far north as illinois. this massive system tracks north and east with kansas, missouri, wisconsin, and michigan next on its hit list. so we have the storm covered for you this morning. minute by minute. state by state. jennifer del cad ygado is tracke storm. first, let's go to kansas city. they're getting hit by the second major snowstorm in a week. terrible for those folks out there. >> reporter: it is. [ no audio ] certainly going to be worse than the storm we had last -- [ no audio ] we didn't see -- [ no audio ] >> y
buried the texas and oklahoma panhandles under more than a foot of snow. in amarillo, texas, 19 inches of snow fell, blown by gusts of up to 77 miles per hour. >> see what it's like so far. here we go. >> reporter: it's a traffic nightmare on roads and highways. so many drivers were stranded, the national guard had to be called in. in oklahoma, whiteout conditions closed all highways in the panhandle. in albuquerque, new mexico, i-40 was shut down, forcing truck drivers to wait out the conditions. >> it costs money to sit still. and it also costs money to run that thing empty, as far as fuel. so, hopefully they get it cleared out. >> reporter: the monster storm even brought hurricane-force winds. look at this building in north texas. the winds there so ferocious, it peeled bricks from the side of a building. >> like someone ran into the building and it was falling apart. >> reporter: today, the storm is headed further northeast. although, the heaviest snow is forecast for the midwest. from oklahoma to maine, 19 states are under storm watches and warnings. kansas, which barely recovered
effect for kansas and oklahoma. it is going on right now through very late this evening. this is in the texas panhandle. the national weather service took this video outside their amarillo office preconditions got so bad the texas department transportation pull the plows off the road. the state of oklahoma close all highways in six counties warning of wind up to 65 miles per hour tonight. >> i have done this seven times today. >> this man in colorado spend hours trying to clear one parking lot. more than 9 inches of snow fell in denver, canceling or delaying hundreds of flights. >> we're in colorado. get used to it. that is the way it is. >> high winds are going eastward toward oklahoma, kansas, and missouri. 26 inches of snow is expected for wichita, kan. after a foot in today's last week. road crews say they have already used half of their sand and salt from the last storm. >> even after the snowfall was over you could have what is defined as a ground blizzard which is so much snow blowing it seems like it is still coming down even when the actual precipitation has end
of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. >>> oklahoma is a deep, deep red state. every sell county in oklahoma voted for mitt romney over barack obama in last year's election, when barack obama clobbered mitt romney in the country. oklahoma has five congressional districts, represented by, forgive the familiaritity here, represented by jim, james, frank, tom and mark wayne. five districts, five republicans, all of them are republicans, all their members of congress. oklahoma, also has two senators, and they, too, are both republicans. when it came time to appoint a new federal appeals court judge to the tenth circuit, which is the circuit that includes oklahoma, senator tom coburn suggested to the white house a man he thought would be good for the job. tom coburn recommended him, the other senator from oklahoma approved with the choice, president obama agreed with the two republican senators from oklahoma and he recommended their chosen judge to be nominated to that court. and then, no. apparently that was really not okay with senate republicans. doing what
of oklahoma. that area of low pressure that's producing the snow will be weakening, but we are really going to tap some very heavy moisture. it looks like we could be in for quite a soaker tomorrow afternoon. as the winter portion of this storm weakens, the next storm that forms, the same energy, it's going to be able to tap into the atlantic ocean. we've got a lot of heavy moisture that could be heading this direction. most of it will be in the afternoon. flood watches were expanded tonight to not only include d.c. and surrounding counties but loudon and northern portions of fauquier were added because streams and creeks could get a lot of water in a short amount of time and yes, winter weather advisories to our west. this is a concern for freezing rain and sleet that may build up to an inch or so at allegations above 1,000 feet. that includes washington county and the panhandle of west virginia. we'll be busy in the weather center tomorrow afternoon. you'll definitely want that umbrella. we'll let you know when it's out of here and have the seven- day forecast a bit later. >>> blizzard co
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